This Movie Changed Me


Sometimes a film can speak deeply into our experience of life and resonate with something that is already in process within us. They can journey with us in what we are experiencing and even awaken new parts of us that are ready to emerge.

This series is inspired by the podcast This Movie Changed Me by the On Being Project, in which Lily Percy invites different guests to discuss their chosen movie and explore the transformative role it has played in their life.

Each month we will show one of these films and although the film may not necessarily change your life, it might inspire you to notice and explore the films that are speaking to you. Some of the slots have been left free to allow participants to suggest a film.

Doors will open from 6.40pm, the film will begin at 7pm, and for those that wish there will be space to chat about the film afterwards. The evening will finish by 9.30pm.

For licensing reasons we can’t advertise the films that we will be showing, however to receive a list of the year’s films email

In the summer term we will also offer a reflective day, with Siobhan Burke and Paula Shanks, to explore more deeply one of the films.

Siobhan Burke is a Spirituality Team Member at St Bede’s working in spiritual formation.

Dates and Bookings

Doors open at 6.40pm, film 7.00pm – 9.30pm. Free of charge but donations welcomed for refreshments.

Click on the links above to either read a review of the month’s film or listen to the podcast about it.