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The St Bede's Library

Stocked with some 2,000 spirituality books the St Bede’s Library is a growing resource open to all.

The Library can be found on the second floor of our building at 21 Blossom Street but is also accessible online.

In addition to our main collection we have a smaller more specialised collection of books available to those studying on our Spiritual Accompaniment Training course (YISAC).

How to join the Library

If you would like to join the library, please contact us (or, if you are visiting the centre, speak to the Administrator at Reception.)

On joining the Library you will receive a Borrower ID and Passcode which will allow you to borrow books and to place a hold on books when browsing the Library online.

When you place a hold on a book an email is automatically sent to the St Bede’s Administrator who will take the book out of circulation and keep it at Reception for you to collect.

You will receive an automatically generated email

  • When you have placed a hold on a book
  • When a book has been checked out for you
  • When a book has been returned to the Library

You may borrow a maximum of four books at any one time and keep each book for three weeks.

If a book is overdue the St Bede’s administrator will email asking you to please return it so that other people may borrow it.

Please spread the news about the Library to anyone you feel would benefit.

CDs by Cecilia Goodman CJ

Cecilia Goodman CJ was former Director of St Bede’s. We have a selection of CDs which she recorded. If you would like access to any of these, please contact us. Each CD lasts approximately 45- 60 minutes.

Library Catalogue

Visit our online catalogue to search for books by title or browse books in a particular category: