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Link to Hope Shoeboxes – Bringing Christmas to Families and Elderly People in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria

St Bede’s is once again collecting for the Shoebox Appeal this year.

The Deadline Friday 3rd November is fast approaching

Ways that you can be involved:

The List

  • Fill a shoebox with items from the list and bring it to St Bede’s. Your shoebox should be average-sized, not a boot box or oversized box.
  • Bring in some empty shoeboxes that we can fill with items from the list
  • Bring in some Christmas wrapping paper so that we can make the shoeboxes into presents (keep lid separate).
  • Buy some items on the list and bring them to St Bede’s
  • Donate some money so that we can buy items on the list or we can use the money towards the £3 shipping charge for each box.

Thank you



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