Joining 'The Great Turning'


It will offer an introduction to what some name the ‘Great Turning’ or the ‘Great Transition’ – the movement away from destructive modes of being on the planet into a life-honouring society where humans act as creative and generative members of the whole life community on Earth.

The workshop will provide:

  • a ‘deep time’ perspective of our current position at this point in human history on planet Earth
  • a framework for how we can focus our faith, energies, gifts and talents to enable and support creative change

There will be space for personal reflection, shared conversation as we explore the current crises we are facing and the invitations being presented to us at this unprecedented time in human history on the Earth.

This workshop will be helpful to those working in parish or community settings who wish to root practical local responses to the climate crisis in a bigger picture context and draw inspiration from the ‘deep-time’ dynamics of the unfolding Creation.

Led by Julia Ling-Macdonald.

Julia Ling-MacDonald is Director of St Bede’s with a particular interest in spirituality, cosmology, creativity and ecology.

Dates and Bookings

Online on Saturday 4 Mar 2023 from 10am to 1pm. £15.