"Uniting Heaven and Earth" - A reflective day with Celtic harp, poetry and prayer from the Celtic world


“Let me be of that little scattered clan, to whom the wild bees of the spirit come.” *

A day workshop with Celtic harper Julie Darling, using live harp music, poetry and prayer for times of contemplation and inspiration.

We will reflect on the meaning of the Celtic vision which sees the Divine in all things and explore how the world of nature can offer profound spiritual teachings for our own lives.

The day will include space for writing, drawing, journaling and contemplation, with an opportunity to co-create a modern prayer for nature, following in the traditions of our ancestors who lived in intimate relationship with the natural world.

Julie Darling is an experienced facilitator and retreat leader. The purpose of her work is to bring peace and inspiration through harp music, poetry and prayer from the Celtic world. 

More information on Julie’s work can be found at www.spiritualharp.com


*From Fiona Macelod, The Winged Destiny

Dates and Bookings

In Centre on Saturday 20 April 2024, from 10am to 3.30pm. £25.