The Great Transition - Bringing Desire to Form


We are inhabiting a pivotal time in the history of humankind on the planet and our relationship with the rest of the life community on earth.

Knowing how to respond to the challenges and crises we see around us can often feel overwhelming and beyond us. This nine session programme aims to:

  • create a process or ‘container’ to enable you to gain deeper clarity about what it is you are most desiring to contribute to a life-giving future
  • find the inspiration, courage and freedom needed to bring into form ‘inner seeds’ which are calling you to become part of a greater movement towards change

During the nine months of the course, led by Iona Reid-Daglish and Julia MacDonald, you will be:

  • supported in tuning into and more clearly articulating the ‘desire’ sensed within you to make a contribution to wider change in the world
  • offered a range of pathways/tools/processes to enable that desire to take more concrete form – stimulating the cognitive, creative/embodied and soul dimensions of your self
  • part of a community of others who are also seeking to bring their deeper desires into active form in the world – working within the whole group in the monthly sessions and then as part of a smaller ‘seed group’ over the nine months of the programme

The commitment required from you is to:

  • attend the nine 2.5 hour monthly online group sessions (consistent attendance is important to follow the flow of the process, to build trust and freedom to work creatively together in the group)
  • engage with reading, reflective exercises and experiential material offered to deepen the work in between the group sessions
  • meet online once a month with your seed group

The programme is designed for those who already sense a desire to contribute to this ‘ great call of our time’ but are perhaps not quite sure how to move from desire to action and what, more concretely, that action might look like. Each is asked to bring a sense of openness to the process along with a generosity of spirit and a curiosity as to what might emerge.

Iona is Ignatian trained and involved in exploring and offering new and creative training and formation opportunities for those wanting to explore questions like: Who am I? What do I deeply desire? What does the world need of me? The other half of her life involves an embryonic project seeking to live more simply, attentively and regeneratively, farming the family land according to permaculture principles, and re- wilding a little patch of Cheshire in the North West.

Julia is Director of St Bede’s, trained in spiritual accompaniment with a particular interest in Ignatian spirituality, ecology, embodiment and the creative process.

Dates and Bookings

The next course will run in Autum 2022. Please contact us if you would like to register interest.