The Great Pause

This time of crisis arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic has created what some are terming, ‘The Great Pause’ – ‘liminal’ space that offers us a moment to stop, breath, reflect and re-frame.

During this workshop, we will seek to open up and begin to explore together:

  • our own personal experiences of this time of enforced slowing and re-framing – reflecting on the challenges and the opportunities that seem to be presenting themselves in our immediate contexts
  • how this particular and exceptional moment in our global human experience might relate to greater transformational movements which are calling us to ‘ecological’ conversion – into a future which  will be sustainable for the planet and life-giving for all members of the life-community on earth
  • creative ways of inhabiting liminal spaces and times, individually and collectively

The workshop will include some inputs, opportunity for personal reflection and small group conversation as part of an interactive whole group experience.

Facilitated by Julia MacDonald.


Dates and Bookings

Friday 18 September 2020, 9am-1pm. £20.