Spirit in All Things

An 8 session series engaging with the essential features of a spirituality which honours the goodness of life and inherent creativity within creation.

Drawing on the work of Matthew Fox and others we will walk through the four paths of Creation Spirituality: Via Positiva, Via Negativa, Via Creativa and Via Transformativa. As we walk the paths, we will explore connections to the urgent call for ‘ecological conversion’ and look at how these four paths might help open us to personal and collective transformation and change.

These spiralling paths of creation spirituality offer the invitation to:

  • fall in love with creation and entire life community inhabiting earth
  • safely engage with the pain of witnessing diminishment and destruction of the beauty and dignity of life in the world around
  • open to emergent inspiration to be a creative force in world
  • steer our creativity through compassion towards the celebration and flourishing of life

Evenings balance input with experiential elements using a variety of creative approaches and include space for reflection and gentle sharing. 

With Ali Newell & Julia MacDonald. 

Rev. Ali Newell (Associate Chaplain at the University of Edinburgh) regularly leads retreats with her husband Philip Newell on Iona & at Casa del Sol in the high desert of New Mexico. She is committed caring for our planet & working for peace in the world.  She appreciates fresh language in expressing faith & a spirituality that is embodied. 

Julia is Director of St. Bede’s with a particular interest in spirituality, ecology and creative, embodied spiritual practice.


Dates and Bookings

Evenings running fortnightly from 7-8.30pm.

The next course will begin later this year – dates will be confirmed after Easter at which point it will be possible to book online.