School of Meditation: Contemplative Praying and Living in the Way of Franz Jalics SJ

About the School of Meditation

This School for Meditation will provide a step-by-step introduction to the Gries Path of Prayer. It is based on Franz’s book Contemplative Retreat. An Introduction to the Contemplative Way of Life and to the Jesus Prayer.

‘There are many paths to contemplation. I show you just one of them. I’m conscious of the fact that God leads many people to contemplation without any external help. Frequently he uses natural circumstances. A simple life of love, some years on a sickbed, a brush with death, the leaving of one’s homeland in order to live among the poor, and other events can lead to contemplation … I also deeply respect the non-Christian ways of contemplation. And there are in the Church itself many other introductions into contemplation. I do not want to exalt my way above others. On the contrary, I am very happy that they exist and I appreciate them. I myself have walked the way I describe: should it help someone else to find his or her way I am satisfied.’

Franz Jalics (Contemplative Retreat p.6)

The course of 8 sessions will take place on Sunday afternoons 2.00-4.00pm via Zoom.

For those less familiar with Zoom, the first session will include some guidance on how we will work together with this format and some time to become familiar with the ‘Zoom environment’.

Each session will include: an introduction to and guidance through meditation exercises, a reflection, an opportunity for personal reflection, an invitation to group conversation.

In addition to the weekly sessions, participants will be invited to a ‘live’ (telephone/zoom) conversation with their allocated course guide each week.

Who is invited

Anyone … seeking a more contemplative way of praying and living
willing to be introduced to a new way of praying familiar with this form of contemplative praying and living who wishes to refresh and to deepen it

What we are asking of participants. A commitment to…

  • stay the course, participating in all the sessions
  • to daily prayer as guided
  • to weekly conversations with their course guide

The team

The course will be led by Sr Mary Dargie, Paddy Rylands and Angela Simek who are trained spiritual directors. All have experience in giving this particular School of Meditation and in leading people in this way of contemplative prayer. Julia MacDonald will join to assist in hosting the course in this online format.

2021 Dates and Bookings

Sundays, 2-4pm, from 3rd October to 21st November (with weekly one-to-one sessions). 

The cost for the series is £280. 

Not bookable online – please contact us to book and/or enquire about bursaries.