Residential Retreat: Becoming The Place We Pray In

This retreat creates a space for those who want to really explore at depth what it means to be fully alive and connected to/ attuned to/open to Life – to the mystery of our own selves and bodies, the natural world and life community around us, the Source of the Life and to experience that in soulful community.  

The retreat will include time for:

  • guided experiential practices 
  • personal prayer, reflection and exploration time in the beautiful environment of Beech Hill’s meadows and woodland
  • space to gently listen, share our days encounters with ‘Life’ around our evening campfire 

The setting, Beech Hill, Cheshire, is purposefully simple and rustic in nature to open us to immediate connection to our surrounding environment. 

Accommodation is in tents (please bring your own if you have one), with basic showering & toilet facilities. We hope for good summer weather but come prepared for varied conditions. Meals will be vegetarian and eaten communally outside where weather allows.

Facilitated by Julia MacDonald and Iona Reid-Dalglish. Julia MacDonald is Director of St. Bede’s, trained in spiritual accompaniment with a particular interest in Ignatian spirituality, ecology, embodiment and the creative process.  Iona Reid-Dalgleish is a nomadic Spirituality Worker for the Jesuits involved in exploring and offering new and creative training and formation opportunities for those wanting to explore questions like: Who am I? What do I deeply desire? What does the world need of me? The other half of her life involves an embryonic project seeking to live more simply, attentively and regeneratively, farming the family land according to permaculture principles, and re-wilding a little patch of Cheshire in the North West.

Dates and Bookings

29 July-1 August (arrivals 4pm-5pm on Thursday and departing after lunch on Sunday).