Prayer Through Poetry - Introductory Morning


Many people love poetry. Others, possibly put off at school by too much dissection, find it’s not ‘their thing’- too complicated, obtuse—and they are left cold. But then they encounter something read at a wedding or a funeral, or on the radio, or something sent by a friend which really resonates… and it sounds like prayer.

Praying through…

For some it has become a way into praying more deeply, articulating things to us which previously we could not express, conveying how we really feel, making us think more deeply about faith, life, relationships, God and all that there is!

An introduction to…

In this session we hope to open a door into poetry which will ignite a new awareness of how it can be a tool to a deeper practice. There will be opportunity to learn as well as ‘practice’.

Led by Mark Russell-Smith, a retired Anglican Priest and Missionary who is now finding poetry an increasingly exciting and challenging pathway for prayer.


Dates and Bookings

In Centre Tuesday 20 September 2022 from 10am to midday. £15.