Personal & Spiritual Development

Personal and Spiritual Development (PSD) is an ecumenical experiential course rooted in the Ignatian spiritual tradition.

Aim of the Course

The main focus of the course is to support and foster greater integration between our relationship with God and the matter of our everyday life and personhood.

The course seeks to do this through a two stage process which includes opportunities for both personal and small group reflection:

  • in year one, we focus on developing and deepening our experience of different ways of praying alongside facilitating growth in self-awareness, personal reflection and reflective living practices
  • in year two, we focus on ways of responding to what is happening in our prayer and reflective practice by developing the capacity for spiritual discernment and skills in reflective decision making

Start date

The next PSD course is due to start in September 2021.


The course will run over two academic years. Sessions will take place every week on Tuesday mornings from 10.00 until 12.20 with breaks when St Bede’s is closed to the public at half terms, Christmas, Easter and for the month of August.

Taster session

There will be a Taster Session in the Summer term (details of date and timings will be posted in the new year). 

Attendance at this will give you a good feel for the set up at St Bede’s and the opportunity to meet tutors and other potential participants in person. 

It is helpful to know numbers so please email if you would like to attend. If you are not able to attend the session but have questions and would like to talk to one of the tutors please get in touch using the same email address.

Booking your place

To book your place on the course you will need to complete an application form which can be requested from the office. 

Costs and bursaries

The cost of the course is £160 per term. A small bursary fund (Bill Broderick Fund) is available at St Bede’s for those who may need assistance with costs. 

Please contact us for further details