Living Word Series


Discovering together how God speaks to us today through different books of the Bible, led by Sr Patricia Harriss CJ

Autumn Term: You Will Be My Witness

Forty days after his rising from the dead, Jesus entrusted a tremendous task to his companions. They were to continue his work: to proclaim his message. How did they set about their mission, and what can we learn, from their experience, about ‘being Church’ in our own time and place? In four sessions on the Acts of the Apostles we shall explore these questions together.

  • 13th September 2021: In Jerusalem
  • 20th September 2021: Moving further
  • 27th September 2021: Paul ‘s earlier journeys: Jews and Gentiles
  • 4th October 2021: Paul ‘a prisoner for Christ’

Spring Term: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? And What Does It Do To Their Faith

In four sessions on the Book of Job, one of the ‘Wisdom Books’ of the Old Testament, we shall explore how Job and his three friends faced these questions, how we find ourselves reacting from our own experience – and how God answers them and us.

  • 7th March 2022: Ch. 1 – 14: The scene is set, and the discussion begins
  • 14th March 2022: Ch. 15 – 21: The discussion continues
  • 21st March 2022: Ch. 22 – 31: The discussion concludes
  • 28th March 2022: Ch. 32 – 42: A fourth friend speaks – and finally God himself steps in.

Sr Patricia CJ is a member of the York CJ community with a particular specialism in scripture studies.

Dates and Bookings

Autumn Term

At St Bede’s Mondays weekly for four weeks 10am to 12pm (£20)

Spring Term

At St Bede’s Mondays weekly for four weeks 10am to 12pm (£20)