Guided Wellbeing Sessions

All of us from time to time would like to be as well as we can be, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  The gentle exercises and simple techniques taught in these sessions are simple but effective in healing and self-care.

These one hour sessions introduce one or two different gentle body work and mindfulness practices each week gleaned and adapted from various traditions.  The practices have been used with a variety of people and groups within many different cultures.

The practices help transform stress and pain deriving from stresses of daily life, illness, or trauma, and open the individual towards greater wholeness and wellbeing.  As individuals get in touch with their own source of strength and wisdom, they can help others.

What are some of the practices?

Tai Chi and movement  – Meditation and visualisation – Breathwork – Fingerholds Tapping (EFT) – Other energy and work

What can I expect?

  • Each session usually lasts approximately an hour
  • You don’t need special clothing, just wearing something loose and comfortable is usually helpful
  • A gentle, flowing session, some quiet time, sometimes more energetic movement
  • A little teaching on the body’s own natural healing/energy system
  • All ages and abilities welcome – it is helpful to attend all 10 sessions to gain most benefit, especially the first few which give some general introduction


Dates and Bookings

Fridays at 11.a.m. and Monday 7 p.m. with Paul Golightly of Capacitar UK.  


All welcome to drop into the sessions as is helpful.  Just use the recurring ZOOM invitation codes below for both sessions:

Meeting ID: 847 5314 0187
Passcode: 794880