'Earthing' Days


‘Cherish the natural world because you are a part of it and you depend on it’ – Sir David Attenborough

These days will be offered online but will involve time to be outside in any natural space which can be accessed in your own locality. Each of the three days will be grounded in a theme: Reverence, Sacred Reciprocity and Belonging.

Participants will then be invited to explore and engage with the theme experientially through a variety of nature-based practices. Opportunity will be offered during the day to share and hear from others’ experience.

These days aim to support a practice of deeper experiential connection to the earth and the non-human community of life with which we share the planet. They are also a space to join with others who are exploring a deepening of their connection with and relationship to the natural world.

Earthing Days offer a taste of what can be journeyed through more deeply as part of the Great Transition Programme offered by St Bede’s.

Dates and Bookings

Saturdays: 20 November 2021; 19 February 2022; 7 May 2022. £20 for each event.