Eight Day Contemplative Retreat in the Style of Franz Jalics SJ

The retreat

This online Contemplative Retreat with individual guidance is suited for those seeking a more contemplative way of praying and living. It will provide a step-by-step introduction to the Gries Path of Prayer developed by Fr Franz Jalics SJ and to the Jesus Prayer. For those already familiar with Fr Franz Jalics SJ form of contemplative prayer, the retreat will offer the opportunity to refresh and to deepen it.

Background information

In 1984, Fr Jalics SJ became director of Haus Gries, opened under the auspices of the German Province of the Jesuits. There, he developed a particular style of retreat (also called a school for meditation) rooted in his own experience of contemplative praying and living. Teams now lead the individually guided retreat/school for meditation in many different parts of the world. In English speaking countries Fr Jalics’ work has become known particularly through two of his publications: The Contemplative Way – Quietly savouring God’s Presence and Contemplative Retreat. An Introduction to the Contemplative Way of Life and to the Jesus Prayer. Since 2015, the retreat has been offered at St. Augustine’s Priory, House of Prayer, Old Colwyn and, more recently, at The Monastery of Our Lady and St Bernard, Brownshill, Stroud. With the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the retreat has also been offered in different forms online, including here at St Bede’s.

General structure of the retreat

Each morning and evening there will be a group session introducing and deepening aspects of this way of meditation. In addition, there will be daily 1-1 meetings to support each retreatant. All meetings will be on zoom.

NOTE: Places on the retreat are limited. If you are interested in participating, please contact the office for an application form.

Dates and Bookings

10 to 17 May 2021. £180. Spaces limited to 10. 

Not bookable online – please contact us to book and/or enquire about bursaries.