An Introduction to the 'Great Turning'

This workshop is designed to help give a contextual overview of the current crises we face and the invitations being presented to humanity at this unprecedented time.

It offers an introduction to what some name the ‘Great Turning’ or the Great Transition of our time—the movement away from destructive modes of being on the planet into a life-sustaining society where we become creative members of the whole life community on earth

The workshop will provide:

  • a ‘deep time’ perspective of our current position at this point in human history on the planet
  • a framework for how we can focus our energies, gifts and talents to enable & support creative change.

Facilitated by Julia MacDonald. Julia is Director of St. Bede’s with a particular interest in spirituality, cosmology & ecology.

Dates and Bookings

Friday 13 November, 9.30am to 1.30pm.