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St Bede's Pastoral Centre

Fr Bill Broderick SJ was chaplain to the CJ Community and worked at St Bede’s from 1997- 2003.  During that time he instigated and led the two-year training programme ‘Personal and Spiritual Development’ which continues to flourish.

He was also the spiritual director to many in the area and did an immense amount in a very quiet way to enable people to deepen their personal relationship with God and also to work in the field of spirituality in their local area and Churches. 

He died in 2005 and this bursary fund has grown through the desire of many who knew him to leave something tangible in his memory.

The fund will try to continue his desire that more should work in the field of spiritual accompaniment and will offer small bursaries for those who would like to attend training courses here at St Bede’s and who might not otherwise be able to do so.

If you would like to assist us in this important work please fill in the gift aid form if it applies to you and return along with your donation. 

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