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St Bede's Pastoral Centre

Current course runs from September 2016 to July 2018

This course is experiential and broadly based on Ignatian spirituality. The aim is to find a greater integration of our lives and our relationship with God through personal reflection and by exploring different ways of praying. The course will be helpful to anyone wishing to deepen the life of prayer and begin to explore the ministry of spiritual conversation.

We will be entering a scheduled period of review and forward planning from January to Easter 2018. Once we have completed this process we will post information here on our plans for future courses.

Please be in touch if you wish to be updated at the end of the review period about the format and timings of the next course.

We thank you for your patience as we take this time to make preparations for your future development.


We asked members of the last PSD course which finished in summer 2016 the following question:

Imagine a friend has asked you about the next PSD course. What would you say to them?
Here are some extracts from their replies:

"Go for it!"

"An amazing course where you will learn things you didn’t think you needed to know."

"PSD for me has been a life-changing experience...one that has opened my heart, mind and imagination…"

"It has given freedom and released me from the shoulds and oughts that I placed on myself in my walk with Christ."

Each week is like a small retreat where you leave the concerns of the world at the door allowing you time to be fed and focus on what God wants you to absorb.

"PSD is a precious and wonderful space in everyday life, time to listen and hear God. For me it has brought a greater awareness of God and a deepening beyond which I would have believed possible prior to the course."

"The course has been transformational for me - be prepared to be honest with yourself."

"Go along with an open mind...it is a safe place to learn, discover and reflect. A quality of open mindedness an advantage...old ideas could go flying out of the window.
An amazing mix of practical and creative ways of discovering more about ourselves, others and our relationship with God."

"This is a course like no other. You need no scholarship or vast biblical knowledge. All that’s needed is you be yourself…"

"There will be people on the course from different Christian traditions, at different stages on their spiritual journey - don’t assume that your experience is typical."

"I have found PSD to be a life-changing course which has profoundly challenged me and caused me to reassess my beliefs and attitudes but in a very safe and supportive way...I have found great acceptance from others...You need to be prepared to participate as fully as you can… both by attending regularly...and sharing thoughts with others...you will never be asked to share more than you are comfortable with."

"PSD has been the journey of a life-time! a journey inwards with God to the real me which has touched every part of my life...I don’t think I have ever felt so much a part of a group."