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We have a very varied selection of seasonal and more general greeting cards suitable for every occasion including birthdays, sympathy and mass cards. These are produced in-house using photographic images taken by Sr. Cecilia Goodman CJ, a former Director at St Bede's.

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We sell CD's produced by Sr. Celia Goodman CJ capturing the wisdom and insight drawn from her extensive experience of accompanying and training others.

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How does our prayer change over the years?

What have the mystics to tell us about the path of prayer? Can we understand our own prayer a little better when we know something of how others pray? This CD explores the various stages of prayer written of by the Mystics and tries to describe the key elements in each stage of our journey to God. An hour’s talk can do little more than touch on the various aspects, but seeing the path may enable us to recognise and reflect more deeply on our patterns of relating to God over the years. It may also bring us greater clarity and so help us negotiate the times of confusion and uncertainty with a little more confidence.

We have all hit patches of darkness, confusion and loss when everything stops making sense and God is nowhere to be found... These times of seeming failure are often gateposts into a far deeper and more realistic relationship with God - if only we can find a way to hang on in there...

This CD attempts to place these times of darkness within the context of the spiritual journey as a whole, and then suggests ways in which we can begin to make sense of the darkness and so gradually find light within it.

This CD deals with the ways in which we struggle with the darkness and often try to run from the insecurity and loss which it brings. After naming the many ways in which this time of darkness and spiritual loss are found in our lives, it goes on to suggest a way through into the longing that brings with it - slowly - a sense of God’s presence in the seeming absence.

A Talk first given at Margaret Beaufort College Cambridge

For many of us as we make the inner journey to God we find ourselves in times in darkness and confusion. It is as if all we have longed for vanishes and we are not sure what we want any more or what we believe in—if anything.

This time of spiritual night is in fact a time of great spiritual enrichment if only we can find our way through it, and this tape explores some of the aspects of this ’Night of the Spirit’ in the light of the our spiritual journey.

This talk covers much of the same material as the CD: ‘The Path of Prayer’, but looks more specifically at the Night of the Spirit and the challenge it presents to our faith.
How do we cope with all the messiness of our prayer?

Often our prayer is full of distraction and mind wandering and we can end up feeling hopeless and despairing of ever praying properly. This CD looks at some of the reasons that may lie behind our finding prayer difficult and offers some practical suggestions to help us cope better.

The CD ends with an exercise showing how creative our prayer can become if we use our distractions as material for our communication with God.
This CD looks at some of the key incidents in the life of St Ignatius of Loyola and examines how these moulded his spiritual development and understanding. It then looks at how this in turn influenced his thinking in 'The Spiritual Exercises'.

An introduction to Ignatian prayer

This talk is a very brief introduction to two of the key elements of Ignatian prayer: ‘Imaginative Contemplation’ and ‘The Examen’. These are explained in the context of Ignatius’ own life and his understanding of prayer.

The CD ends with two guided meditations. The first based on the spiritual exercise that Ignatius himself felt was one of the most helpful ways of praying: ’The Examen’. or ‘Examination of Consciousness’ - a reflection on our day and a real help in integrating our relationship with God and our busy lives. The second is a guided ‘Imaginative Contemplation’ on ‘The healing of the paraplegic’ Luke 5:16-26
DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS’ in the first week rules of St Ignatius
Discovering what is really going on below the surface of our lives is often hard: it is so easy to delude ourselves and to get defeated in our efforts. St Ignatius, in his ‘Spiritual Exercises’ gives us an extraordinarily accurate summary of how we can begin to distinguish our movement towards and away from God and goodness. This talk explores his suggestions as to how to discern what is going on correctly on the early stages of our spiritual journey.
‘DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS’ in the second week rules of St Ignatius
This CD continues on from the CD on the ‘First week rules’ and explores how the ‘second week rules’ can be used in spiritual direction and retreat giving. It is aimed specifically at those who are interested in the text of the Exercises or who are engaged in using the Spiritual Exercises with others and deals with the subject matter in a fairly detailed way.
UNDERSTATED WISDOM -the 'Additional directions' Wk 1 & The 'Contemplatio'
Another look at the Additional Directions of Wk 1 and the ‘Contemplatio’ of ‘The Spiritual Exercises’ of St Ignatius

Ignatius often gives us valuable clues about how to live the spiritual journey in such an understated and pragmatic fashion we can miss the insights and wisdom he brings. In the ‘Additional Directions’ he provides all we need to underpin our prayer and form habits for our lifetime, while in the ‘Contemplatio’ he is gently reminding us of the simplicity and love at the end of our journey.
Using ‘The Two Standards’ of St Ignatius in Spiritual Direction

This talk explores how the imagery and the language of the meditation: The Two Standards’ in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius can be a helpful tool for spiritual direction.

By translating the images into our time and culture we can often discover more clearly what is going on when we choose to run from God in various ways and it may also help us find our way back...

This CD is probably more useful for those familiar with ‘The Spiritual Exercises’ and with individual Spiritual Direction.
With particular reference to the ‘Third Week’ of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.

What part does the body play in our prayer? This talk explores some of the ways in which our body holds and expresses our deepest feelings in prayer— often much to our confusion. It begins by looking at the various graces St Ignatius asks us to pray for in the different ’Weeks’ of the Exercises. Then it goes on to explore confusion, compassion and tears in our prayer and show how they bring us close to God.
A reflection and guided meditation on the parable of the Prodigal Son [Luke 15:11-31].

The CD begins with an introduction of about 30 minutes and then a guided meditation of the same length. Both of these explore in different ways how we have the two sons within us, and how both can bring us gifts and riches as well as trouble at times - if only we can learn to love and integrate them.
A reflection and guided meditation on the miracle of the woman with the issue of blood [Luke 8:43-48].

All of us have an ‘issue of blood’, a frailty or failing that we just cannot seem to cope with however hard we try… Often these things are not huge in themselves, but because we never seem to be able to deal with them, they become a source of shame and frustration.

This story gives us a real insight into how Jesus can heal even the most hidden parts of ourselves - those insignificant or shaming elements of our lives that somehow trap us.
Two guided meditations showing different ways of sharing the everyday with God.

The first meditation enables us to share our everyday life with God against the backdrop of a scriptural passage which appeals to us at this time—and so may help us understand our own life better.

An imaginative contemplation using the story of the blind Bartimeus as a way of getting in touch with our deepest longings. The gospel is read and then we are guided through the text with time to imagine it as we need.

Both meditations begin with relaxation exercises and last about 25-30’ It may be helpful to have the CD player nearby so you can pause it when you need more time.
A day of reflection for Advent [& for life..]

The familiar story of the wise men provides us with rich wisdom and insight for our own journeys as we search for the Christ child in our lives. This CD explores the imagery through both talks and guided meditations—the first input and meditation take the theme of journey and the second uses the gifts of the Magi as a basis of reflection for both Advent—and life…
Our call from God and our resistance to it.

Throughout scripture we hear of people being called by God - a call that transformed them and their lives. Is it the same for us? Do we also have a deep inner calling that, if we listened to it a little more, could act as a source of encouragement and deep connection with God? I believe that God does attract each of us uniquely and the more we understand this call the more we can co-operate with it —and with our resistance to it at times — and the richer our life can become. This CD explores this topic through two 30’ talks and a guided meditation.
Storm at sea
A mid-life call

Midlife, and particularly later midlife, is often a time of inner and outer change. The demands of life shift, retirement may loom, health may be less secure, suddenly we have to adapt and learn new ways of being. The call at its depth is about shifting from doing to being—much easier to say than to do! Spiritually too there are often major changes, God and our faith may be less certain, and while a longing for solitude may grow, we may doubt our capacity for prayer or even relationship with God.

Using Matthew 14:v22ff, the powerful image of the storm and of Peter’s response to it, can help us make a little more sense of our own storms and our deepening, if confusing, relationship with Christ.

Two guided meditations using: ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand John 6 &
The healing of Blind Bartimeus’ Mark 10

We know these words from St John so well, but it is hard to believe they really apply to ourselves – or what they could mean in our busy everyday lives. Using the Gospel stories of ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand ‘[John 6:1-15] and ‘Blind Bartimeus’ [Mark 10:46-52], this CD explores two aspects of ‘life to the full’: how God uses our gifts, and already enables us to feed those we meet and those we love; and how God offers healing in ways we may know and long for – and sometimes in unexpected ways too. There is a brief introduction and followed by two guided meditations. Each meditation takes about 20-25’ but you may wish to extend it by stopping the CD as you need.
[This CD is designed to be used on 3 separate occasions with an input followed by suggestions for prayer]

This CD looks at three key stories about Elijah: his encounter with the woman of Zarephath; his contest with the prophets of Baal and hearing the gentle whisper in the desert.

But what has this great prophet got to say to us? He calls himself the servant of God and his life is so often a risky one, challenging the prevailing religion and the powerful in the land. Throughout it all God was there - but it was not the God of plenty but the God of just enough. Elijah’s task was to walk in faith - and trust that that would be sufficient—and so it is with us so often…
Jonah’s humanity, humour and robust relationship with God has much to teach us today and is wonderfully encouraging –reminding us that God’s mercy and love far outweigh our fallible humanity.

This CD begins with input about the book of Jonah exploring its context and literary devices. It goes on to a longer guided meditation entitled ‘Our Jonah moments’ and ends with further ideas for praying with the book of Jonah.
The Inner Child technique is based on Jung’s work with the Child archetype and adapted over the years to be used in prayer as a way of integration and healing. All of us have memories of painful childhood incidents that seem to crop up over and over again; by using this process in prayer these memories can become a source of strength rather than pain.

This CD is designed to be used over a series of sessions rather than listened to in one go.
Perhaps one of the most freeing elements when offering spiritual accompaniment is to be comfortable in a larger context… to recognise what we are listening to, even if it is not our way of praying or within our own experience. This CD explores a model proposed by Liebert and links it with the ‘Path of Prayer’ by Cecilia Goodman CJ. It explores the key stages of spiritual development in adulthood and suggests how spiritual accompaniment can be most helpful at each stage.

The CD is aimed primarily for those who are involved in Spiritual accompaniment.
GOD WITHIN – the later stages of the spiritual journey
he CD is part of a series that explore the Path of Prayer in greater detail and follows on from: ’The Path of Prayer’, ‘When God goes missing’ & ‘Breaking through the darkness’.

The talk looks at the various elements of the later stages of prayer and the gradual shift from darkness to light and from complexity to simplicity. It ends with a guided meditation which looks at the prayer that already is in your life and explores its significance.