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St Bede's Pastoral Centre

We offer various days, workshops and training courses specifically based on Ignatian spirituality for those who are interested in learning more, and also for those who are working as spiritual directors.

PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT [PSD] a two year experiential course aimed at those who wish to deepen their own spiritual life and to broaden their understanding of the spiritual journey. No prior knowledge is necessary. However it is important that you attend as much of the course as you are able to – both for your own sake and for the group. The next PSD course will begin in 2016.

YORK IGNATIAN SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANIMENT COURSE [YISAC] This ecumenical course aims to provide a foundation for learning to accompany others on their faith journey. It is based on the Ignatian tradition, drawing its inspiration from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola and is suitable for those who already have some background in spirituality and faith accompaniment.
A two year training course for those who wish to accompany others. It is necessary to have some prior experience of listening skills and spirituality, to have made the 19th Annotation Retreat or the full 30 day Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and also to have had some experience of walking alongside others on their spiritual path.
This may be followed by a further year covering extra practice days, some topics that may help in ongoing spiritual accompaniment and then a final year training those who wish to offer the 19th annotation retreat in daily life.

SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANIMENT SUPPORT [SaS] One day a term for those who are accompanying others and want further input or a chance to meet up with others doing the same work. Information about SaS days is sent by email to participants. If you are interested in joining, have done some training in the field of spiritual accompaniment and are working with others formally or informally, please contact the Acting Director via the Office email: admin@stbedes.org.uk.
Some past titles: "The Healing Imagination in Jung and Ignatius Loyola.", ‘Images of God, Thoughtful Care, & spiritual accompaniment’, ‘Good spirit, bad spirit,’ ‘Sexuality and Spirituality for Spiritual Guides,’ ‘Shifts and transitions in the spiritual exercises,’ ‘Contemplative model of Spiritual Accompaniment’.

OCCASIONAL DAYS ON THE PROGRAM We also try to provide days on our termly program that might be of value to anyone interested in learning more about Ignatian spirituality.

This is a time for those who wish to make a silent individually guided retreat. It usually takes place during May and June for as many days as wanted [up to a maximum of 6 nights]. Booking for this is from December 1st of the preceding year and it is advisable to book early as numbers are high, for this reason it is suggested that you leave a year or two between retreats so that there is maximum space for new comers.
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