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St Bede's Pastoral Centre

The Friends of St Bede’s was established in 1988 as a charitable association in order to provide a channel through which members can contribute to the work and development of St Bede’s and share in its life of prayer and hospitality.

Joining the Friends is a great opportunity to share in the work of St Bede’s on several levels. In the first instance, you can gain an understanding of the vision behind the work of the Centre and share your own ideas about how it could best be achieved. St Bede’s depends on inspiration and suggestions from those who use the Centre and must continue to develop to meet the future needs of all users.

Friends are also seen as ambassadors for St Bede’s, telling others about the facilities available at the Centre and encouraging others to visit.

There are also opportunities for practical involvement and giving financial support to the Centre.

Since St Bede’s was established as a Pastoral Centre, there has been an Association of Friends who, because of interest in and concern for the work of the Centre, has also chosen to support it spiritually and financially. Through an annual subscription of £15 members are able to contribute to the life of St Bede’s in a practical way. With a wider membership, even more can be done to further the work of St Bede’s.

An Annual General Meeting and a service of Thanksgiving is held each year, followed by a social gathering and update on future work and plans.

Members are entitled to a discount on courses they attend and receive regular publicity from the Centre.

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Membership Leaflet

Renewal/Donation Form

Membership Application Form

Office staff will be happy to answer further questions on admin@stbedes.org.uk or 01904 464900 or pass a message to the Treasurer of the Friends. Loretta Earle. Please post any forms to the office marked for Loretta's attention