01904 464 900

St Bede's Pastoral Centre

Did you know that St Bede's has a lending library? 

We have a small library of books on religious topics and other areas of interest in the room downstairs known as the Library.
The books have been donated by various libraries that were closing down and from friends who use St Bede's. If you would like to explore what is down there and borrow any of the books you would be most welcome to do so.

In order to keep the system as simple as possible, we suggest your bring the book(s) you would like to read to the office, fill out a small form, so we know who has what.

You may keep the book(s) for up to a month and when you are ready to return it, please call in to the office so we can cancel the form you completed and everyone knows the book has been returned.

It is worth ringing to check the Library is available prior to your visit as it is often let out to groups.

Tel 01904 464900 or email admin@stbedes.org.uk.